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hey guys

i just installed the release preview of windows 8 but my internet speed is ridiculously slow on it.. i have tested on my mac and im getting 450kb/s but when im on windows 8 it falls to 30kb/s average, i have a feeling this is a drivers issue but i cant find the appropriate one for my system.. i had some issues with this on windows 7 too on the same computer at the start but i found the proper drivers and all was ok. This time i tried installing the exact same drivers i had used to solve the problem on windows7 and i DO get a improved speed starting at 300kb/s average then falling fast back down to the usual 30kb/s .... i really need someone to help me out here because with windows 8 , a fast speed is definitely needed! here are my specs:

intel core i3 2100
Asus P8H61-M LX2 motherboard

it tells me i have a realtek 8111 ethernet controller and windows automatically installs drivers for it but i have the slow speed with them.

any help is appricated
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  1. I have found with my onboard ethernet for my asus board it was terribly slow no matter the driver i used, so i plugged in my gigabit PCI card instead, had some issues with drivers conflicting so just shut off my onboard completely and installed the card drivers again, and now i get normal speeds of 28mbps before i was getting like 20kbps, too slow for anything even browsing
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