Ghost 2002...XP and 98 on same disk ??

Hey thanx for looking.

I recently split my WD caviar 80 gig into two 40 gig partitions because i wanted win 98se and XP on the disk.

I installed 98se first all drivers etc, i used partition magic 7 to split into 2 partitions, then i installed XP pro.

It formatted the other 40 gig and then installed XP. went fine, because it was a new install it gave me the dual boot menu at startup. i was happy.

i decided to ghost the partitions to save time, i put them onto CD's.

1 for 98
2 for XP

today i decided to reinstall, i deleted both partitions and reinstalled both OS's. I put 98 on first, tested it, worked fine. I split the disk again 40 gig of Fat 32, and 40 gig of NTFS. I installed XP, big problem, it wont give me a boot menu now.

I tried system commander, and it said that the NTFS partition wasnt bootable, so i made it bootable. still no change. For some reason when i show one partition the other hides itself, i know this is whats meant to happen at boot-time so the computer knows what OS to load. I'm stumped.

I dont know what to do, except install XP from the original CD....

I tried to use the "image boot" option on ghost, but this cant be used with partitions (or so it says).

Any ideas ??

using :

win 98 se
XP pro

norton ghost 2002
system commander
partition magic 7

And imaging to CD-R at 40x.

If you have managed to do this, please tell me you did.

Thanx for any and all help.


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  1. You are handling this entire partitioning situation wrongly. You should partition priar to installing. I recommend splitting your partition sin smaller partitions, eg: c: boot drive (small, only needs to contain boot files) d: XP e: 98 f: games g: other. you have got enough room to do this. If you want to you can even make a fifth partition to put the XP pagefile on. I suggest that you put XP on first drive or at least i have found it to be easier as xp is more stable than 98.
    my setup is: c: xp d: 98 e: games f: utils/drivers/data unfortunately i only have a 20 gig HD, which is becoming too small for my taste.

    so what i suggest you do is repartition and reinstall. maybe I am totally wrong, if i am please correct me.

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  2. Use Fdisk and delete all partitions, then reinstall as you did before
  3. using partition magic and system commander means that your don't have to partition first.

    ghost 2002 is NOT fully compatible with 2000/xp

    read their small print on tech support.
    ghost 2003 they say is.

    Whether the imaging screwed you up..I canna say. But based on what you seems likely
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