Moving Windows 7 Files from 1 Hard Drive to Another

For Example if i had a Western Digital Caviar Black and i just got a velociraptor. How do i move the files to the velociraptor rather than the Cavair Black? if i move it will i need to re-activate windows?
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  1. Use the WD drive tools to migrate the contents to the new drive. Download the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software from WD.
    Reactivation should not be required.
  2. Ghost does it too
  3. number13 said:
    Ghost does it too

    Yes it does, but the one from Western Digital is free.
  4. do i do the same thing if i wanted to move to a SSD?
  5. While I expect you can, I don't know as I have no experience with them and am unable to find any info one way or the other.
    You could try contacting the maker for more information, but I can't think of any reason why not.
    The only problem may be that Windows will treat it as a major hardware upgrade and reactivation may be required.
  6. Alph4kil1 said:
    do i do the same thing if i wanted to move to a SSD?

    Should. An t a drive without moving parts.

    I have used the old Drive Image program, Ghost, and Acronis. I like Acronis best.
  7. If i Have the full version of windows 7 can i do a brand new install on the ssd? my procedure is

    1. unplug sata cable from HDD
    2. connect ssd
    3. insert windows disc
    4. boot from cd-rom and set ssd as 1st
    5. install

    can i do that?
  8. Yes.
  9. Simple answer but its good enough for me
  10. Sometimes a simple answer is all that's required.
    Good luck and have fun.
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