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Hello there thw forums I am getting a new laptop soon and was wondering if the G51J-A1 from Asus is any good. Has it got any major issues. I am open to suggestions within that price range as well. However, as I live in Dubai it's quite hard to get a decent laptop
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  1. As a g51j-a1 owner, (i'm typing this on mine), I can vouch 4 it being a good machine.
    i bought it last christmas, and it's run pretty well, with few problems. In terms of performance,
    it's great. The only downsides r the weight/size (its kind of chunky), the heat, and the battery
    life, although it does have an i7. But, assuming that you don't plan on hauling it all over,
    the weight and battery life won't really bother you. Heat hasn't been a problem either, but
    it can be unfomfortable.
    I can run crysis at high detail, 1920x1080 at about 20-25 fps. If you're into gaming, this is
    about as good as it gets for the price.
    The top is a bit flashy, but it's also kind of cool. As long as your not embarassed by a blue
    and white lid with a lighted logo, you should find it acceptable.

    Hope you consider it!
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