Need some type of PC to home stereo connection

Been searching far and wide for something to connect my PC to my home stereo in another room. My FM reception is very poor and I want to be able to listen to my local radio stations via the internet( and possibly Pandora). I already tried a special direct hookup with a 50 ft RCA cable , and while it worked, I had so much signal loss that the volume control on the stereo needed to be almost all the way at max to get much sound out of it. I also had a terrible hum that i eventually traced to the coaxial FM antenne wire.

I have been looking at wireless devices lately and am very confused with how they would work in the real world.

First device is a "Grace Digital GDI-IRA500 Wireless Internet Radio Adapter .I think this would fit my needs but Im not sure exactly how it operates. It obviously gets a WiFi signal from my PC modem/router, but do I do the station tuning on this unit and not the PC? I am assuming that the PC doesnt have to be on for this to operate?

Second possible choice would be a BluRay DVD player with WiFi. Here I am assuming that I would have to have the PC on and tune the radio station in on the computer to stream it to the stereo?

Any other possible options would be appreciated, and any help with the 2 devices that I am looking at currently would help me clear up the confusion. I basically want it to be as simple as possible, so I dont have to have multiple electronic devices on just to listen to the radio. Thanks.
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  1. One option is a logitech squeezebox. They have a lot of lcals built in, pandora, rhapsody, and a few other audio options. They're not cheap, but they work really well. I use a Duet for my whole house stuff, and it works like a charm.
  2. you could buy yourself a signal booster/extender. even spdif optical would require this as it looks like 39ft is what a quick look determined to be the maximum recommended distance.

    do you have a smart tv hooked up to your home audio? some can use wifi and surf the web (pandora, etc). some may even be able to view networked devices (your pc).

    i think i remember reading on here about a user who created a home audio stream using wifi a computer and a stereo which they wanted to control via one device. i'm not sure exactly where i saw it though. remember though, wifi has physical limitations on distance also.

    its looking like a signal booster/extender of some sort is what you will end up requring. remember though, to change the channel you would need to walk 50ft to your pc. quite irritating i would say.

    the most painfree solution would be to use a smart tv with web options or perhaps a ps3, wii, xbox360 or internet tv box to use the internet and/or navigate your network. you could set up a networked hd to record music to as well and place any music you have on your pc on this drive. in this way you will not be required to have your pc on and everything would be in the vicinity of your stereo.
  3. I would try a Sonos setup as this would not require your pc to be on and offers access to internet radio and many free and pay music services. They do make a controller but have free apps for iPhones, iTouch, iPads, android phones and tablets as well as apps for pcs and macs. You would need a Bridge that would connect to your router and a Connect to feed your stereo system. These two cost under $400. If you wanted a dedicated Controller it cost $349.
    It will also control & send any music files on your network to the stereo. Works on wifi but set up is a breeze. Excellent tech support too.
    Check it out here
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