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The problem I am having is with Windows Seven. It seems to boot normally, but after a few minutes it locks up. It is not a true lock since the keyboard and mouse respond but clicking has no result. The spinning circle just starts spinning and never stops. Actually, if you start to do something right after boot it seems normal. As time goes by it runs slower and slower and after maybe 5 minutes a click results in a never ending wait symbol. The hard drive light is on continuously. If I boot into "safe mode with networking" no problems. If I do a clean boot I get the same problem as with a normal boot. Non responsive. If I try to shut down it hangs on the logging off screen. I have left it for 2 1/2 hours and it will not go past logging off. The only way to shut down is the power strip or holding the power button. I tried to do a restore point and it failed. It seems that something that is being loaded causes the problem? That's why I was hoping to be able to start programs and devices individually and see what triggers it. I never get any error message.
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  1. start with downloading and installing malware bytes in safe mode and run a scan. if you have an older anti virus uninstall it and download and install mse or avast or avg and let them do a full scan in safe mode. in safe mode i would also remove the video drivers and then try a clean install. in safe mode too use msconfig and turn everything off in start up if it a virus or trogain it wont load if turned off in start up.if that wont fix it..use a few usb stick or cd back your data up and do a clean nuke and pave.
  2. I will try the malware bytes. I am running bit defender at the moment. Is that adequate or should I run avast and/or avg? Bitdefender will not run in safe mode.

    If I remove the video drivers will I lose the display before I can update them? Maybe that is a stupid question but I lost the video card (on board) on another computer and had to install and had to install a card without a display and it was a pain.
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