Whats best all around mid range CPU these days?

I was just wondering what you guys think the best all around CPU that is midrange (around $200 to maybe $250 or $300). Looking for cpu does most things. [Add in: I AM TALKING ABOUT A PROCCESOR ONLY, NOT AN ENTRIE COMPUTER!!! For those who go confused, sorry :( ]

Most of time I actually just multitask with simple programs (IE, word, winamp, trillian, bittorrent, etc). I do play some old games like Age of Empires, Starcraft, simcity 3k (nothing new or intense thogh). Also I am comp science major at college, so I of course do some compling too. And once inawhile do some photoshop/illustar or web design. So I really need balanced CPU here! Any suggestions would be helpful.

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  1. Mobile Athlon XP 2500 / 2600 with an Nforce 2 Motherboard.

    Overclocking is simple, usually on air these chips get to around 2300/2400 Mhz. All for only £90 ($120 ish).

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  2. If you want a platform that last for a "long" period of time the Athlon 64 2800+ with a VIA or nForce3 250 MB. I a good compromise between performance, price and upgradability.

    AMD processors are usually better in compiling and always faster in gaming compared to Intel CPU.

    The Mobile Athlon XP 2500+/2600+ are good CPU for the price, but they are not future proof. If you get one of these and overclock it to 2.4GHz. You will get a good performer, but you will reach the maximum of the SocketA platform. You will not be able to upgrade to a better CPU in the future.

    If you get the Athlon 64 2800+, it will be a bit slower at stock speed vs Mobile Athlon XP @ 2.4GHz, but you will be able to fit a an Athlon 64 3700+ in the future if you need more raw power and you will be able to instal Windows XP 64bit Edition if you want it when it will be out.

    The P4C 2.8GHz is a good buy too (if you overclock it it can be quite an impressive performer), but the actual P4C/E platform will be replaced by a new platform in the next few weeks. So you will not be able to upgrade it much and forget about 64bit support on this platform. The new Intel platform will also support new memory type and PCI-EXPRESS.

    Today's market is a bit complicated. I would say that the best choice would be an Athlon 64 2800+ based system with PCI-EXPRESS support but there is no available Socket754 motherboards that supports it right now.

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  3. Sorry man, but I would NOT consider $250-$300 "midrange" CPUs. At least not considering ONLY CPU (without mobo).

    My vote goes to Barton mobile too ($77 at <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=19-103-400&depa=0" target="_new"> Newegg </A>). Overclock easily.

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
  4. Midrange.. hmm.. Lets see. You could pick this baby from IBM:<A HREF="http://www-132.ibm.com/content/home/store_IBMPublicUSA/en_US/eServer/iSeries/" target="_new"> IBM midrange </A>, <A HREF="http://www.sun.com/servers/midrange/sunfire_e6900/index.xml" target="_new"> this nice tower from Sun </A> or an IPF based <A HREF="http://www.hp.com/products1/servers/integrity/mid_range/rx7620/performance.html" target="_new"> HP midrange system </A>

    your $200-$300 budget could be tight enough, for instance Suns E6900 midrange solution starts at $250 but is really barebone. If you equip it with a more reasonable ammount of ram, disks and cpu's, you're quickly looking at >$800... (800 <i>thousand</i> dollar, but of course that is what you meant, no )?


    For the record, you're looking for a mainstream solution, not "midrange". Similary you don't want to call HP or IBM and tell them you're looking for a mini-computer when you mean SFF, or they might think you mean something like <A HREF="http://www.crowl.org/Lawrence/history/ibm_360.full.jpg" target="_new"> this mini computer </A>

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  5. When i meant midrange CPU, I meant the CPU ONLY. I am talking about mid range CPUs, NOT high end P4EE/A64FX or low end AXP/Celeron/low end P4. That what i meant by midrange, not talking about an entire computer, just A "CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT"!!! I don't want anything old like socket A. Its mainly about A64 3000 or higher level CPUs or P4 aorund 3ghz or higher, defintally won't but anything lower than that.

    Total comp probably will be around $700 to $ 800 or so, (Already have 120 GB HD and DVD-RW on my old comp). Just need cpu/MB/RAM/case/vid crad.

    Also don't care about future proof. Next time I will get new comp will in 4 years, by that time everyine in comp would old and outdated! Would have buy an entire new comp then.

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  6. Quote:
    If you get the Athlon 64 2800+, it will be a bit slower at stock speed vs Mobile Athlon XP @ 2.4GHz, but you will be able to fit a an Athlon 64 3700+ in the future if you need more raw power and you will be able to instal Windows XP 64bit Edition if you want it when it will be out.

    LOL, it's funny you said that. Thats exactly what i was planing on doing.

    But yeah i agree with rod. A retail a64 2800+ will only set you back about $180 us plus a mobo for between $100-125. The stock heatsink is also pretty good.

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  7. yea A64s are pretty decent prices

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