My download window doesnot pop up what can be done

files download but i can not find them.
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  1. In C, Users, the user folder and then Downloads.
    Or in My computer open the folder directly from the left panel.
  2. What I do is creat a folder "My Downloads" on my "" Drive. Then When I download a file I click on SAVE AS (Do not need to rename file), but this then will ask where you want to save it, just select your folder. For My Windows 7, this is a tool bar at the Bottom of IE. Confused me at first as I was use to the POP UP Box. NOTE: For "Save as", you need to hit the down arrow next to save to see it. If you do NOT want to re-direct the down load, at least this will show you the default location so that you can jot it down.

    Inside my "My Downloads" I create some generic folders to better organize them such as "DVD programs", "Utiliies", "Hardware" (for My MB drivers and bios, GPU, SSDs ect).
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