Mic's audio in playback is very quiet in every software..

Hi guys,

I'll list what I've already tried..

- Turning the Decibels (Making mic volume louder but creates unnecessary feedback)
- Recording externally in a different software like Audacity and trying to turn it up (Annoying feedback because of decibels)
- Checked for driver updates etc.

I can't think of anything else. I'm on Win 7 and I can't record my voice through any of my mic's without turning the decibels to 30. Otherwise you can't hear what I'm saying. And even then the feedback is just really unpro-like haha.

Any suggestions?

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  1. When you are using the mic, you must wear headphones. No speakers turned on.
    Then turn up the mic volume so it is loud enough.
    Raise the headphone volume slowly, after setting the mic volume. so there is just enough volume in the headphones..
    Use only headphones that cover the entire ear, like a cup.
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