Buzzing noise coming from headset

So, I bought Tritton AX 180 and I'm having this problem, that whenever I play a game, I hear a buzzing noise coming from the headset and I can hear it even when I'm on my desktop. I have tried putting my normal speakers on and I cannot hear a thing.

Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
nVidia GTX 560 DirectCU
AMD Phenom II X4 960T
600W power Supply
Nexus 92mm Real Silent Case Fan
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  1. Are you using front panel audio jacks?
  2. Yes, but they are USB headsets, I tried to plug into an another USB power source and the buzzing was gone.
  3. So front panel makes a buzzing sound, rear panel does not, correct?
  4. I should try it out.
  5. Nope, they still keep making the buzzing noise.
  6. Sounds like you have some pretty severe interference inside your computer If your headphones work well on another PC. It COULD possibly be a driver, but i tend to lean towards interference. You can get an AC line filter for about 40 bucks. My front panel headphone jack sucks because of the internal interference, so i just run a longer cable to the back. USB shouldn't run into that problem, but i'd never rule it out.
    Uninstall the driver completely, and reinstall it after a reboot. If you still have an issue, and have access to another pair of headphones, try that. If that doesn't work, try another AC outlet in your house on a different circuit.
  7. Yeah, sadly removing the driver didn't help, but I might be getting a new pair of headsets soon

    Thanks anyway! :)
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