Forgot windows 7 password, how do i reset it...?

My daughter changed the password on her laptop and now can't remember what it is... How do I reset it?
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  1. Some versions of Windows allow an Administrator account to resent things for User Accounts, but it might also result in data loss.

    If you are having trouble with passwords, you can go to the OS provider/Tech Support and see what they can do to help. This will minimize the impact of your actions on the problem... much like knowing when to call the plumber to avoid a flood...

    Ordinarily you will be faced with a reset or reinstall of the system. If you are unclear how to do a reset or reinstall, the OS provider (or your tech support) can advise you how to get your machine at least running again... with minimal impact...

    It is essential for anyone administering a system, at home or at work, to have a method to recall IDs and Passwords.
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