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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forums and well before I explain my issue I want to let everyone know it involves an iMac. So if I can't be helped.. well I can't be helped.

Anyways, I used to have windows 7 installed in my iMac and everything was working fine. Except that one day my Mac partitioned didn't want to boot. So I decided to reformat the drive and reinstall everything. After everything was installed I tried to install windows again except now it gets stuck at expanding windows files. 0% It won't get passed that.

From reading on here I saw someone with a similar issue but it involved his SATA III connections. As you all well know iMacs are pretty hard to even move any hardware around. I haven't touched it so I wanted to know if this might be hardware related. If it is what does it usually involve? Hard drive?
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  1. Hi, on desktops, AFAIK it's related to memory issues.
    But google for "Windows 7 stuck on expanding files" and you'll find different causes and solutions.
    Try installing from a bootable USB stick if possible.
  2. I have tried bootable USB, but apparently my mac won't pick it up. It only reads the DVD.. except once it starts the installation and it gets to the Expanding Windows Files.. It gets stuck. I've tried asking in the apple forums but no responded to me. I have been on googled and have tried different methods. Nothing has worked which has led me to believe it might be hardware issues. Except on an iMac i have no idea how to go and find out if the HD might be damaged or anything..
  3. Is it still under warranty?
  4. No it's not under warranty. It actually expired like three or two months ago. Warranty is useless for me anyways as I came to find out, because the first time that the computer died on me, that the Mac side didn't want to boot up, I called Apple for help and they told me I had to take it to an Apple Store... I couldn't ship it out to them. There is no apple store where I live. :/
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