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Recently i updated my M17x R2 laptop,windows 7, ati 4870x2 graphics, 2 x 320GB hard drives,and all of a sudden little blue screen came up, all i had time to read was something about video drivers update,then computer shut down,now when i start up all i get is black screen,nothing else not even logo screen,i am certain this is not hardware problem as everything has been running perfectly,its something to do with the updates,unfotunately cd/dvd drive is broken so my only option is to do something through USB,only problem with that is i cant get into bios F2 or boot menu F12 to change boot order because screen black,so i need something on USB that will overide the bios/boot,also tried pressing F8 and nothing,but when i do start up everything sounds fine,fans,cpu,its just screen,could you please advise,any help much appreciated
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  1. Hi :)

    I own a laptop repair company...

    One thing I can tell you.... its DEFINITELY A HARDWARE PROBLEM....

    Probably screen or inverter or graphics..

    Plug in an external monitor to try...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. thanks Brett but everything was fine before that, no sign at all anything was wrong,seems odd it would go down halfway through updates, actually wondering if there is any way i could get it to boot into D: drive my other drive on system that had win 7 that wasnt updated?
  3. 100% agree with Brett. Try taking out the battery and hold down power for 30 seconds. If you cant get the logo to show its hardware. Drivers arent even loaded til you get to windows loading logo.
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