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athlon 64 mobile

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June 19, 2004 2:11:41 AM

Anyone tried one of these out? I am under the impression that the clawhammer cores seem to be getting harder to find. I came across this when looking:
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>
Would there be any disadvantages to this besides it doesn't come with heatsink/fan/heatspreader? What would one do in place of the heatspreader or is it not needed? What fan heatsink would work well with it? Any other comments/concerns..etc?

In reading the one buyer comment listed I wonder what motherboards it is compatible with. Anyone tried one with that k8n neo platinum board? Also I am unfamiliar with the heatsink set up he writes about.
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June 19, 2004 2:36:42 AM

LOL, mobile all over again? Rod was horny about these a while ago, i dissapointed him now have to do it to you. They lack of heatspreader, therefore your heatsink make direct contact with core, will run cooler, higher chance of crushing core. They overclock roughly the same as desktop, however using slightly lower Vcore.

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June 19, 2004 5:29:38 AM

still havent bought your system?
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June 19, 2004 5:08:10 PM

No, not yet lol.

If I hadn't gotten sucked in by that rebate and bought this $200 sata raptor, I think I would just stick a mobile athlon xp in this bargin mobo I bought (to salvage an old system) and be done with it. As it is I have a $42 mobo for an old cpu that turned out to be caput and a $200 hardrive for a new build I am having second thoughts about now.

The truth is it is summer time and I want to get away from the silly computer anyway. Obviously, I can do without it as I have done very little gaming while I have been obsessing over building a new system on this forum over the last couple weeks. I am starting to go crossed eyed from looking at benchmarks.

That's it **** it, I am going to the beach.

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June 19, 2004 5:29:49 PM

Naw, it is not that I think it is going to do something crazy wild. It is that it seems to be a clawhammer core and from talking to you the clawhammer core seems more desirable for what I want to do with it.

Apparently, the mobile core runs a little cooler. Is it at least as good as the desktop version in other respects? I see the user review linked above says he had to get a certain type of heatsink with a certain type of backplate to assure good contact with the core since there is no heatspreader on the mobile version. So that adds another $25 to cost right there. Then there is the fan to consider so that would be another $10 or more I guess. So right of the bat the thing is more expensive by quite a bit. Not to mention the mobile core is not offered with the far cry offer. It is not a, "get more perfomance for nothing issue." It is a, "if I can't locate a desktop clawhammer core and that is what I want is this the way to go issue?"

Is the mobile a64=desktop a64 in every way and just a little better? Except for no heatspreader and no fan/heatsink?

How hard is it to "crush" the die? What is that thing like a piece of f***ing tinfoil or something covering the delicate cpu core? I just applied and reapplied artic silver 5 to some old athlon cpus and I was scrapping off thermal pad with a razor blade and "scrubbing" the die and ceramic off with a cotton ball doused with 90% isopropyl alchohol. I was very carefull at first but after troubleshooting by switching them back and forth and reapplying the as5 to em serveral times I got a bit more relaxed about it. Especially on the one that I figure is caput anyway. WHat kind of force/activity/shock or whatever would it take to damage the core? I am tempted to break this old cpu (that is apparently shot anyway) open and take a look. It doesn't seem *all that* fragile to me.

Is the only purpose of the "heatspreader" on the athlon 64s to protect the die? The "heatspreader" actually makes the chip run hotter? Or are there other reasons as well that the mobile is supposed to run cooler?
June 22, 2004 9:20:57 AM

What is the difference between this:
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A> says for dtr notebooks which I assumed means it is a mobile chip but it is in the section with the regular desktop a64 chips.
and this :

<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A> which is labled as mobile and in the mobile section of new eggs list.

They both say socket 754. They both say clawhammer core. One is a few dollars more than the other. What the heck is the difference? Is one just catogorized as a replacement cpu and therefore has a different part number? Anyone have a clue on this one?
June 22, 2004 1:28:35 PM

Rod was horny about these a while ago

I'm still horny!!! These mobile ebast are naked! I love to see things to their core! :smile:

Maybe, next core revision or 90nm Mobile64 will be the next Barton! For now, It's true that you chanded my mind. I actually now have the desktop A64 2800+ on my wish list.

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June 24, 2004 6:50:51 AM

Has anyone used one of these mobiles? I am wondering since it doesn't come with a heatsink what heatsinks will work with it. Also I understand the msi k8n neo board might have some issues with oversized heatsinks. Anyone bothering to read this that has combined the msi k8n neo board with the mobile athlon 64 chip? Wondering what is proven to work.
June 24, 2004 6:51:37 AM

hey rod, why don't you buy one and let me know, my brother?
June 24, 2004 9:36:27 AM

Why dont you buy him one, then for sure he'll let you know.
June 24, 2004 9:43:20 AM

No, better yet he can buy me one and I'll let them both know someday. :evil: 
June 25, 2004 2:20:24 AM

Wow, that is a good idea why didn't I think of that???? I can save money that way... :>)