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So hopefully I have searched enough to justify the question..... :ange:

My question is on the ability to play mid-range games and do my normal enginnering work (presentations, spreadsheets etc) on the following

XPS Studio 16
Intel i7-720QM
4 Gig Ram
Ati Radeon Mobility 5730 1 gig (have not seen this spec on other XPS 16 discussions and is why I am asking)

I know it is not the best but I think I have put together a decent computer. Will it have the same heating probs as the ATI Radeon Mobility 4670 (correct number?) I have read about?

Thank you in advance for your comments.
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  1. heard the 5730 is just an overclocked version of the 5650
  2. 5730 is a little faster than a 5650.
    And as for heating problems,unfortunately it still has this problem.(And its not only related to the VGA,its because of the cooling system and a quad core CPU)
  3. Thanks joewitafro. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
  4. Thanks Maziar. I have appreciated your string of comments. I was looking at the Studio 15 with the 5470 but decided on this for the slight increase in gaming capability. Hopefully it was a good choice....Any recommendations on external coolers?

    Again, thanks for your expertise!!!
  5. Is your only choice the XPS 16 or you would like to consider other suggestions too ? If so,then fill the FAQ first(link in my sig)
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