BSOD and "IRQ less or Equal" in WinXP installation

I have tried many times to install Windows XP but i always get a Blue Screen of death with the message "IRQ less or equal". This message appears just before pressing f8 for the agreement. I have changed memory dimm, vga card and removed all pci cards ( one ata 100 promise and one sb 128). I also get BSOD just after installing Windows ME Without any drivers. My configuration is :QDI kudoz 7E 333, 256mb 333mhz kingston, Greative Geforce, Athlon XP1802 HD's (1 maxtor 60gb, 1 wd 40gb), pionerr dvd and plextor 16/10/40 Cd recorder. I have also tried to install WinXP with intergated SP1 with no results.Any help?
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  1. I'd flash the mainboard BIOS, set the memory timing speeds to the slowest settings, disable any unneeded components in the BIOS, boot the system barebones, and then try again. If the system happens to have an APIC controller listed in the BIOS, change this to PIC before attempting the OS installation.

    If this doesn't work, you might start thinking about possible issues with the PSU, or a bad IDE controller on the mainboard.


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