I spilled water on my main core2duo laptop, so its dead. So i got an ibm r50, which happens to be in need of some serious speeding up.
1.4ghz pentium m centrino
768mb ram
20gb 4200rpm hdd
ati radeom 7500 32mb
xp home

its a great laptop, even though the battery sucks (1hr or less)...
and it would be silent and i think quite zippy, except for this terrible ibm hard drive. this drive is so noisy its ridiculous, also, its not a lot of space, especially since i was using a 160gb in my hp core2 laptop, so i need to get out of the habit of keeping all my files on this. im also afraid of this crappy hdd failing cuz it makes lots of noise and ive never had a hard drive quite that rattly while seeking. i have the same hard drive (or very similar) in a powerbook g3 mac and its far not as loud.

so im wondering what the best upgrade for this would be.
i am considering:

would that help? would going to 1gb ram help? THANX!!!
this will be my primary laptop (i already have a good tower pc)...

PS: should i put win7 on it?
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  1. There probably isn't much you can do, unless you want to try and replace the CPU, but that can be tedious and anything you find really will not help you out performance wise. The SSD may help a bit, but do you know if it is at least SATA I (the laptop)?
  2. O its pata
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