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I have a Close Encounters (Gottlieb) that I want to remove the
playfield from the cab , should I just cut all the wire and pull ?I
plan on using the playfield to make a coffee table so Im not concerned
with preservig its electronic integrity....TIA...Sethlove
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    Unplug all of harnesses from the playfield, and it should pull right
    out. I wouldn't cut the wires, because you never know when you or
    someone else might need those harnesses down the road.

    BTW, I don't know how you're constructing it, but you had better
    account for some depth in your coffee table due to the roto target.

    flipper [at] pa [dot] net
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    Open up the backbox and unplug anything you can drop down into the
    lower cabinet. Then it should lift up and out easily. If you can
    design the depth of the coffee table to hold all that stuff inside,
    leaving it attached would be the WTG.

    After you get the PF out send me the pcb board set and displays :) I
    live for haveing extras.

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    I am restoring a close encounters and could use some of the parts you
    dont need if you are just keeping the playfield.
    you can contact me through my website
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    I think everyone has answered your question on how to get it out... :)
    I really need the plug that goes between the cpu and the driver board.
    :) I'll of course pay for it :) any condition is fine :)

    mikep28 at insightbb dot com
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