Itanium vs AMD 64 chips

When will Toms hardware do a match between Intel Itanium and AMD Opteron (I'm not sure which AMD 64 is the best).

I seen some other websites do it but without much detail or interesting writing.

Would be cool :)

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  1. WHy ? are you considering buying either ?

    Besides, if a fair comparison between a PC and a Mac is already hard, comparing an Opteron to an Itanium system is 10x as hard. There are just too many criteria, completely different configuration, types of workloads, differences in OS, apps, complilers to make a comprehensive "itanium versus opteron" article. It would be meaningless and almost impossible.

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  2. For the type of thing Itanium is currently used for, you'd have to get a "sample" of a 4+ way HPC machine to compare the two. Most companies aren't too willing to just "give" these away for review.

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