Subwoofer with 2 RCA inputs but Receiver has 1 coacial output for sub

I just bought the Denon AVR 2113CI receiver. When I try to connect the 5.1 speaker system, I found out that the Klipsch Subwoofer only has 2 RCA input while the AVR 2113CI has coaxial output. What can I do to connect the subwoofer?, is there a y splitter for the 2 RCAs to 1 coaxial?. Thanks
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  1. Some subs have two RCA inputs, but one of them is labeled Sub IN. That allows you to bypass the Y splitter, and simply use a Coax RCA cable into the single input. If you don't have this label, you can use a Y splitter instead. If you supply the model, i can tell you easily.
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