Akai reel to reel repair I have distortion and low volume on the right channel w

The model # is Akai GX 635D,
Is the low volume problem on start up typical of that models aged circuit board problems. Is there a cap or transistor that I should be looking for to change out?

As I stated the unit works great after an hour or so of constant playing, but who wants to put up with that.

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    If the heads are clean...
    then you probably are looking for a bad transistor, or you need to clean all the controls and relays...or you have a bad solder connection.
    So, you can start by finding the schematic service manual. Try E bay, etc...
    Other than that, test equipment, O scope would be a big help.
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  3. I just bought new trans. , caps. and service manual. so I guess i'll break out the old test equipment and get started.
    I think most of the transistors are NPN.

    Thanks for your help!
  4. I changed 6 transistors cleaned and lubed the controls, and now it performs like

    BRAND NEW!!!!

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