Help with new budget comp

I haven't gotten change to get new comp for 5-6 years! I have been stuck with this:

Pentium III 370 socket 500 mhz, 128 MB 100mhz ram, 20 GB hd. on win 98SE

Anyhow I didn't have money get new comp before, but finally got some! Its very low budget, only got $500 for it now, probably will go up to $550 max. Mainly will be using internet, bittorrent, music, video (watching anime of course ), picture editing, web design and some programming. Might play some games, don't play anythng but starcraft since I really can't play anything fast on my comp + no money to buy them :( Anyhow, not bother about games on my new comp right now. Here is the specs I came up with:

AMD Athlon 64 2800+, 1.8 ghz 512KB L2 Cache, 64-bit Processor - Retail $185 from newegg

For MB i have 3 choice, I can't (URL linked):
<A HREF="" target="_new">ECS 755-A 755A SiS755/SiS964 for $74</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">ALBATRON K8X800 PRO ATHLON 64 with free FAR CRY Game for $87</A>
<A HREF="" target="_new">Microstar K8T Neo FSR for $88</A>

mem: <A HREF="" target="_new">Corsair512MB DDR400 CAS3 Value Select for $79</A>

HD: <A HREF="" target="_new">Seagate 7200 RPM 2mb buffer 80GB for $56</A>

drive : NEC DVD drive for $20 or so

vid card: FREE from friend who got new vid card: GeForce4 MX 440 4x 64MB

PSU: Thermaltake W0014 480W ATX P4 Silent Purepower Power for $61

case: <A HREF=" for $46 or so shipped " target="_new"> for $46 or so shipped </A>

OS: Probably will use 98SE and will try out linux sinces its free!

Total = $521 to $537, fits in my $500 to $550 budget


Possible future upgrade (inorder of importance to me :P ) when i get $$:
Nec 8x DVD burner
new 17" CTR monitor
maybe: win XP pro? New vid card??

Way later in the future defintely going upgrade to higher A64 CPU :) From CPU 2800 rating, possibly this should be 6 times faster than my current comp i should think! Any ideas on the MB or other suggestions?
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  1. The first part of your list is <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A>

    The second part is <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A> You'll think you died and went to heaven. I also have an extra stick of Crucial PC-100 if you just want to speed up on your current box. :smile:

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  2. well i recently figured out the ideal budget performance system(pretty much what i gave my girlfriends compy, aside from the graphics card :smile: ). it is very fast, and very inexpnsive, wich means you get to spend more money on other goodies like a DVD/RW drive :lol:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Athlon XP 2500</A> $75 from newegg
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Speeze cooler</A> for cpu $12 from newegg
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Abit NF7</A> for $64 from newegg
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Kingston 2x256(=512 duel channel) DDR400</A> for $94 from newegg
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Maxtor 40Gb/7200 RPM</A> for $62 form
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Supercases PC-115 Mid-tower w/350 watt PSU</A> for $50 at Microcenter(went to the store)
    and all the other stuff you picked out comes to $377

    you could throw in a <A HREF="" target="_new">radeon 9600 pro</A> for $503, or a <A HREF="" target="_new">radeon 9600xt</A> for $525

    i think this would be a better budget solution, its quite potent enough for your windows apps and pretty much all games under the sun right now. as well as being fairly upgradable and overclockable. the xp2500 can be turned into an xp3200 just by chaning FSB to 400 mghz

    if you opt not to get the graphics card, then you're well below your budget margin, and i would reccomend getting some goodies, like the DVD/RW i stated above, a hardware monitoring unit(they look neat and are pretty useful), and possible some case modding stuff.

    you could take 10 bucks off by getting the HDD from newegg, but i dont like their drives, every one i've gotten has been very crappy.

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  3. Craig's first link didn't work for me. A pity since I believe he probably went to the trouble to put the stuff on a shopping cart to show you a good deal. The cart came up empty for me on the mwave link though. The cart on newegg showed that dvd rw so perhaps mwave's shopping cart is handled differently.

    I imagine he was recommending the chaintech vnf3-250 board which is a value edition of the chaintech znf3-250 that cost around twice as much. Mwave is selling it for $69 plus shipping. It is supposed to be a solid board. Mvave has the free far cry offer with the athlon 64 procesors as well. Zipzoomfly, monarch, new egg and others have their own versions of the offer also. He may have also recommended buying memory from them and having mvave test if for compatibility. Perhaps he will revisit this thread and add anything else he was showing you(or correct my assumptions if I am mistaken).
  4. Hmm i will look into that mwave stuff. I would rather get A64, since its faster and newer than AXP. DVD-RW actually wait since I doubt I would have use it for anytime soon. And graphics card, since I don't really play games, don't think it will slow down anything.
  5. Unfortunately, the carts don't hold their links. Yup, an A64 on a VNF3-250 board. Why would you not want something that will run 64 bit at this point?

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  6. From those boards, I'd go with the ECS 755-A2 (the current version of the first board on your list).

    Hey, I can save you a BUNCH of money: Set your FSB to 133MHz, you'll have a PIII 667. Free! Or toss in a Tualatin Celeron 1100 and overclock that to 1466MHz, the adapter cost only $8. Oh wait, you have PC100, WTF!

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  7. 'cus everyone wants 64-bits, wich means the 32-bit chips are dirt cheap. thats why.

    c'mon, a 2500 for 75 bucks. now thats a great apps or games really need these fast processors. and dont bother saying its issurance for the future because we all upgrade every 3 months anyway.

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  8. I wouldnt at all recommend trying to use Win 98 on any processor 1 gig or higher. Doesnt handle them very well.
  9. agreed, i didn't catch that before.

    he must know someone that bought like a dell or something...copy their windows disc?

    now of course i wouldn't recommend such pirating activities(but i condone them!)

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  10. I don't disagree with you TY, it's just that the difference now between the XP and the A64 platforms is only about 125 bucks or so. If you're going to spend hundreds, get something you won't have to replace in three months. What will your 2500XP be worth next year when everyone is trying to dump theirs?

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  11. well next year it gets OC'd to 3200...then we'll se about replacing it when socket 745 costs what socket A costs now.

    im a budget builder, i dont have a clue as to how to make a high end box. but then again im usually fighting with dell for business, so keeping cost down while delivering great performance is a must.

    i dont own a business, i just do white boxes on the side. i'm trying to get the word out that dell isn't the end all be all of computers, and are often times one of the worst computers you could get. teaching people is hard work.

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  12. There are certain things about Dell that suck ass. But I always recommend them to people wanting to just buy a comp. Sure, I could build them a better comp for cheaper by hand, but then I'd be getting crap everytime someone had a problem with their machine. It sounds like fun being a white box builder, but don't you have to do a lot of customer support?

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  13. not much customer support. if someone has a problem with a compy i made, i usually tell them to look up an anser before they ask me. chances are its something real stupid and not any reason for me to go over there and fix it.

    where's the 'any' key?!!!

    but like i said, i dont have a business. im just trying to teach people...and it just so happens that the only people that are capable of learning about computers are already competant in their operation. i just fix hardware issues...anything else is their domain.

    I've got a book of matches,
    I've got a can of kerosene,
    I've got some bright ideas involving you and me.
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