Best CPU Fan for AMD FX53?


What would you all consider to be the absolute best CPU Fan for the Athlon64 FX53? Mine is running about 58C with the stock fan (and Artic Silver 5), and I was hoping to bring that down.

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  1. The best would probably be the Coolermaster Hyper6.

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  2. Hmm....thats a sweet heatsink and fan, but it might be a little to much stress on my Motherboard....

    Anyone have any other more light weight suggestions?
  3. let alone it that cooler is huge and would have problems fitting most cases, its as well 1kg in weight! if that thing came lose somehow not only will i lose my cpu but most probably my vga card as well. its kinda scary to use that. but on the otherside its the best in the market so far for cooling.
  4. It weighs a kilogram? how does it not bend the mobo to hell and back?

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  5. I'm sitting here looking at the best air-cooler for a 64 or an Opteron chip. I have an Opteron solid Copper heatsink with a mirrored finish and a Thermaltake A1869 combo 80mm CPU fan and the Jet 80mm case fan with the 5.25 slot speed console for both. Any offers? :lol:

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  6. u are going to have to use the back plate on the back of the motherboard so the board should support it better. but i believe over time, with one 1kg of weight in one specific location hanging up the motherboard like that will eventually cause some brakes maybe in micro sclaes but thats enough to cause havoc.if u are not going to overclock the cpu much you dont need that cooler. man they put a zalman next to it. and i thought zalman was big, but zalman just looked like a migid in every aspect.
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