Old Dell Inspiron 6000 - compatible hard drives?

I've decided to try to resurrect my 5 year old laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000), which finally died when the hard drive gave out.

Upon searching through various forums I found most people saying to look for basically any 2.5" PATA/IDE drive. Just to be sure I removed my old hard drive from my laptop and it is labeled with the following specifications:

7200 RPM
5V 1.1A DC

I'm posting here just be sure I'm clear as to what all this means.

1.) From what I can find PATA = parallel ATA, which is a synonym for IDE? Is that correct? Is there a difference then between ATA and PATA/IDE?

2.) What is ATA-6? I saw some people posting on forums that ATA-6 hard drives would be ideal for using in Dell Inspiron 6000s.

3.) Will SATA hard drives be incompatible with my laptop (which contained an ATA/IDE drive from the manufacturer)?

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  1. Sata has a different connector. My guess is that if you stick to drives with a similar capacity to the original you won't go wrong .

    These will be secondhand by now.

    However I have a couple of older Dells -- Latitude and Inspiron 5000 and they seem to work with almost any hard drive (so long as it's roughly contemporary to
  2. Just make sure you get one thats described as IDE not Sata and you won't go wrong
  3. They are out there, question is what size do you need/want?

    Here are some from MicroCenter, so NewEgg and the like should have them also.

    Choose Hard Drive/Internal/2.5"/IDE.

    Good luck.
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