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Hey there! Its that time again and my old mouse has decided it doesnt wanna right click anymore so ive been using an old mouse my dad got from his office, and needless to say its affected my pvp skillz.
So, im looking for opinions on what the best mmo mouse is.

Lets start with what i was using:
The WoW Steel Series mouse:

Im looking for something with a similar feel but will spice things up.

Im also looking for a new keyboard:
Im currently using the Razer Lycosa:

Im looking for an mmo keyboard, id also like it to be able to play and pause and skip music while im in game without the need to alt+tab ( i use vlc media player).
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  1. when i used to play wow, i found the razor naga the best mouse for it, the extra buttons really help free up your hotkeys and shortcuts, especially handy when i was playing my hunter in arena before they dumbed things down in cataclyms. i still use this mouse for other things but the extra buttons down get much use anymore.

    im surpised yourve never heard about the naga since you haved a razor peripheral already!

    there is one major flaw (the size is fine and its not heavy either) and that you cannot really access the normal side buttons with your thumb, but the number pad makes up for it
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