BIOS update for my latop

I am looking at the system information for my laptop and it says SMBIOS Version 2.5

Now I keep seeing a bunch of different Bios versions, like people trying to reach 17, people having trouble with a dell notebook studio XPS 1640 updating their Bios. Is the SMBIOS version 2.5 the BIOS version I have? If so, what is a recommended version of BIOS where I will not get the overheating problem so I can game on this laptop?

I have a Dell Intel Centrino 2 Studio XPS 1640, has windows 7 and vista, and its dual core
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  1. Nevermind, I have found it. I have Version A10 BIOS.

    I need something that will not cause my computer to crash as I have read.
    Does anyone have a reliable download url for a version of a laptop I have?
    Or do I have to get a new motherboard?
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