R3000Z vs R3000T

I recently in the last month purchased a Compaq R3000Z Here are the spec's
AMD 64 3400+
GeForce 4 40 go 64MB dedicated
512 RAM
40GB HD 4,200RPM
screen (1600X1050)

I'm very strongly considering returning it and getting the R3000T here are the spec's
P4 3.0GHz
Radeon 9600 mobile 128MB dedicated
512 RAM
60GB HD 5,400 RPM
screen (1280X800)

I know the AMD proccser os better but I believe that the diference in GPU's is very large, I ran the aquamark3 on my system on the highest detail setting the processor got a 9000 and the GPU got a 1000 so my total was somewhere around 10000. Not that great I think. I was hoping you guys could give me some insight if this is a good idea to switch, they cost within 25$ of eachother, I just want to be able to play games and burn movies for the most part.
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  1. My best friend just bought two similar HP p4 2.8 laptops for his college kids with the same Vid card. Watched some concert DVD's he burned and pretty damn impressive for a laptop! Take the faster machine if Windows 64 is not in your near future.

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  2. seems to me that the latter choice would be much more expensive. so with that in mind...

    i would recommend you keep the first one and just upgrade the graphics card. this will probably save you some money while still keeping a really great CPU

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  3. It's a laptop, video card upgrade isn't as easy as PC.

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  4. 2nd option definently.

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  5. Burning movies shouldn't be a problem for either, but if gaming is in your future then the 9600 mobile is a better card. Is it just the plain mobile or one of the varients? IIRC the only difference is the clocks, so let me check. Yeah, <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/mobile/showdoc.html?i=1951&p=5" target="_new"> I think this is it </A> I guess the pro turbo class has more memory.
  6. all I know is ATI Radeon 9600 128MB
  7. well id suggest to you that you check out other laptops, if your wanting it for gaming. there are several other notebook makers that use ahtlon 64 along with higher end components.
  8. You're right, they don't say much under more info so I'd e-mail them and find out if you really want the compaq. They are all the M10 chip so it may be that when ATI changed the naming scheme after they'd already been on sale for a while they never bothered to switch their name figuring the average customer wouldn't know the difference, or the laptop design could have a thermal or power reiqurement preventing the increased speed. If it's the latter you might be able to get a bit more umph out of it by raising the clock when you're pugged into the wall and don't have to worry about batery life.

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  9. Keep the one you bought. It is used now. People sending shitz back is what makes this crap so expensive. Why the heck are you playing games on a laptop anyway? :>)
  10. I really don't understand all the crap talking about laptops playing games? The one I'm sending back tomorrow was playing Unreal 2004 very well! What is there to complain about there? I do want something that will be able to play the future games like HL2 and Doom so I need the newer better GPU thats why I'm doing the return. Before I ordered my current one with the GeForce 4 40 I did call HP to ask about the age and spec's of that GPU. I was asured that the AMD proccsor would make up for the GPU but then after using it and running the aquamark3 on it my gpu got a score of 1000 while the AMD cpu got a 9000 so thats not even close to a good score. I don't choose to go toanother system because I will only buy Dell, HP or Compaq and I also don't want to play a lot of money, my limit was 1,500 I stretched it to 1,700 for the R3000Z and now I'm getting the R3000T for 114$ less with a student discount I missed the first time. If your upset about the price of computers you can blame them for bad advice when I purchased the machine.
  11. buy emachines m6809 and get rid of the idea that you wont buy only from #*R(#(, i have one and its great, played farcry, cod, ut2004, AA and the video details are maxed out with no problem, the m6809 is best bung for the back in notebooks
    its$1399 after mail in rebate in bestbuy

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  12. doom 3 is a hwole different animal, unless all the rumors are false, most desktop users will be lucky if thier video cards will play doom 3 smoothly, much less a laptop, alhtough hl 2 might be easier to pull off. remember, doom3 is going to require several of the newest shader standards that arent covered even by the ati 9700, the current top mobile card. im not saying its impossible, but im just saying dont buy a laptop expecting it to play doom 3.

    anyway, id check out the acer ferari models as they are in your 1500 range and baost ahtlon 64 plus the 9700 ati chip, so check them out, along wiht the emachine models, they are surprisingly of good quality.
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