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They told me this would be easy. Apparently not easy enough for this guy! Here's the situation:
New TV. Friend talks me into a deal he found on Amazon, TC-L42E50. I also am told TV speakers suck, so I got a Yamaha RX-V371BL and some speakers. Great picture and all, but the amazon ad doesn't show the back, and I now know it's HDMI only.

Now, I have a Wii and an xbox the kids use, and they're both component. The Yamaha reciever will use component, and I have it going HDMI to the TV. Our PS3 goes HDMI to reciever and HDMI to TV and looks great. On the component consoles I can get sound if I switch to "AV 1 or 2" but never picture. I plugged this consoles into the old TV and they still work normally. Any ideas on how I can get these things working again?
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  1. in general...

    the receiver has one hdmi cable going out to your television.

    the receiver has speaker wire going out to all of the speakers and a subwoofer cable going out to the subwoofer.

    all input devices connect up to the various inputs on the back of the receiver.

    hdmi1, component1, whatever your connection may be.


    whatever slot you connect to, turn the knob on the receiver to select this input.

    you should get audio and video. if not, take note of the back of the receiver and make sure you are plugging into the correct spot. be certain the box around the audio inputs is the same as the video input. it almost sounds like you are plugging the video into an input (lets call it component1) and the audio into an input (lets call it aux1) the receiver would think these are two different sources.

    be carefull not to confuse component with rca plugs.

    i have an old ps2 with rca plugs (red, white, yellow) connected to the back of my receiver and everything works fine.

    i dont have anything with component hookups (the 5 colored cables) but i would think that they should work the same as the other input types.


    clarify if you are hooked up in this manner or not and what else you tried..
  2. Your receiver may not convert the component video into HDMI so it can go to you TV through the HDMI cable that connects the receiver to the TV. The TV does have a component video input so you can feed the video using a component video cable to the TV. If you want the TV speakers to work for this console then run the video & audio to the TV and feed the optical digital audio out to the receiver. That gives you either option.
  3. A picture of the reciever incase my words fail me :

    Ok, I have component cables connected to component slots on the reciever. RBG cables are running to AV1 on the reciever, and I plugged the sound cables into Red/white of Audio 1. Here I was hoping I could chose between audio 1/2 and AV 1/2/3/4 at will, but sounds like that isn't how this works. AV1 has an optical port that I probably need to use then.

    I was originally told it would take my component signal and run it through the HDMI to the TV, but maybe that doesn't work? There is a component "Monitor out" on this reciever I could use if my TV wasn't made for strange (and probably expensive) accessories. See, my TV has a spot labled "component," but it's just two small green circles instead of the usual 5 cables.
  4. i pulled up an image of the rear of your unit and i see the dilema.

    to tell the truth, i have never had to deal with component cables... all of mine are hdmi or composite. after taking a look at my own receiver, i see a similar dilema. the component video and audio jacks are seperated. on my unit though, the component slots are listed as assignable.

    i would advise looking at the manual and seeing how they advise to connect up component cables. perhaps there is a way to program the receiver to pair an audio signal with a component video signal.

    i would say that you are correct in assuming a spdif signal would instantly pair and work with av1. that is what i would think seeing the box around the ports and with how my own receiver works. if your xbox or wii supports spdif then av1 will probably work fine without anything required from you. if they make a xbox or wii cable with a hdmi end it would also eliminate any issues.

    the yellow monitor out looks like composite video instead of component video to me. this cable only supports standard definition. that is, unless i am mistaken. hdmi is pretty much the standard inputs for televisions now. i wouldnt call it expensive, you can get hdmi cables and assessories at a good price if you know where to look. stores just jack the prices up because they can (you can pay $10 for a 5ft hdmi cable, or $80 for a 2ft hdmi "monster cable", the difference in image quality is not much.)

    i am not sure what the two green circles are for. the component video article on wikipedia might be able to help you there.

    just what i can think of... hope it helps
  5. Most receivers require that you assign the rear panel connections to the input you want to use for them. They may default to the settings as marked but the input set up menu should allow you to set up component video and analog L/R or digital audio for one of the inputs. I think that if you check the manual for the TV it requires you to go into a menu to select component video and makes use of other rca jacks in addition to the green or 'Y' connection.
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