I got intel i3 processor and 4gb ram but still games running slow

I have Dell inspiron 1464 with windows 7 64 bit ultimate version..I got 4GB ram @2.13 Ghz..But still GTA san andreas running slow on my laptop...It's running good for first 10 minutes...But after it's making my entire system slow..I couldn't find a solution for it..Please help me.
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  1. You have a low end Dell laptop and are trying to play GTA. there's your problem.

    You didn't list your gpu but its probably integrated. You may also be over heating. Check temps, blow out dust etc.

    But you're trying to play bad(ly coded) game on a weak laptop. Don't expect much
  2. GTA IV needs a fast quad core processor and a good graphics card to run well. Only high end specialty gaming laptops can meet those specs and yours is not one of them.

    Wait, San Andreas not GTA IV? I used to play that on a Pentium 4. It should do well even on a laptop. Integrated graphics may not cut it though as unksol said above.
  3. Intel HD weak GPU.

    Versions of that laptop also came ATI HD4330 and HD5450, which "should" play GTA-SA without too much problem.
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