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CD burning SW puzzler

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October 15, 2002 12:26:08 PM

Bought a program called ejay MP3 pro so that I could have a go at mixing my mp3s onto CD that I can listen to on my CD player as I travel, one problem... it refuses to acyually write any discs...
I click burn with a valid blank CD in the drive, it asks for a blank CD to be inserted, I click okay & it nearly looks to so something & then it does nothing apart from sitting there looking vaguely embarrassed...
Could my nero 5.9x SW be getting in the road or is it just a c**p piece of software ??? (PS nero works fine with no problems)

no-one shouts louder than someone who is being ignored, or in the case of techies, to be heard over the noise of their PC's ;-)

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October 15, 2002 3:56:35 PM

Perhaps the program just can't find the CD-ROM drive letter. Has it got some kind of configuration options where you can select the drive letter of your CD-ROM? I've had DVD software that simply couldn't detect an optical drive unless the DVD-ROM was jumpered as a Master on the Secondary IDE ... so perhaps you are experiencing a similar problem.

I've seen a few comments about the program, and most of them were not complimentary. For example, getting information from the technical support staff was apparently very slow (one person didn't get a response for 6 weeks!), and <i>then</i> the user discovered that the company doesn't support eJay on WinXP. Of course, that was actually user error, as the program doesn't claim to run on anything except Win9x, NT 4.0, and Win2K, but he was still upset by the delayed reply.

Another claimed that the program will not rip from CD's in 'normal' mode, only 'fast' mode which makes the music sound like garbage, quote/unquote. He wasn't happy, either. And he also complained of difficulty with obtaining online support.

I think both of them should have called the company on the phone, though, instead of just waiting for an e-mail. Many companies are notorious for slow response times by mail.

I doubt that Nero is interfering with the program, but just to be sure, you should check your startup items and remove NeroCheck.exe, if you haven't already done so.

Personally, I think I'd just stick with the options included in Nero to mix tracks before burning to a CD, unless you need something really fancy. After you select an Mp3 file to place on a disk, you can right-click on it, and choose the Audio editor from the menu, which has a few nice features for mixing. (There are additional options available under the Properties of the file, also.) It's limited, certainly, but it's certainly better than nothing, and you can hear the changes before you actually create the CD. And if you've purchased Nero, then it's something you already have, which is better than spending additional money on yet another program, IMHO.


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October 16, 2002 7:30:11 PM

Well it has 2 be the programs' fault, even with just my CDRW connected it does the same (havent tried running it as a master though)

Luckily nero came with the drive... saves me spending even more money but I do like the idea of have a program that is set up to make mixed music tracks without a lot of fiddling...
oh well will just phone them I guess, thanx...

no-one shouts louder than someone who is being ignored, or in the case of techies, to be heard over the noise of their PC's ;-)