P4 530 or Athlon 64 3200+

I am at a crossroads between the two chips, i have priced them and their respective mobos at the same price so that is nolonger an issue. I am leaning towards the P4 530 becuase it seems like the best for future upgrades because of the socket 775. What should i do?
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  1. I would agree on the upgradeability, as AMD Socket 754 is being phased out. But, the AMD 64 does have 64 bit capabilities, and Service Pack 2 is going to enable the 64 Athlon's to virus protection in the CPU. If you wait a while, I would just get a Athlon 64 on Socket 939.
  2. Hmm my concern with the 754s is with warranty. Id bet AMD will eventually be replacing them with ones of lower cache when they figure out how they will market them.

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  3. Socket754 is going to be around for a long time, it's for AMD's value CPU line up, the AthlonXP.

    Socket939 is the enthusiast class, which price isn't gonna be acceptable until the chip after Winchester, or in other words, when Intel get their act together again.

    AMD will cut the cache for their socket754 CPUs to 256k, for AthlonXP but they believe the integrated memory controller will make up for the loss.

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  4. How does the P530 do on 64 bit applications? Check the benchmarks on it running Windows64 since MS has a push on for a mainstream O/S by 2005. If it is faster in Win64 than the AMD, buy it!

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  5. I didn't read the review carefully, the s775 has 64bit extensions? I didn't know that.

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  6. um if you are going to go wiht s775 and an intel chip, you should realize taht you need to consider more then just the chip to chip costs. you also will need to buy more expensive ddr2 ram and a pci-e video card, also more expensive, while at the same time gaining no performance. and even if you got a motherbaord that let you use ddr and agp, you stil run the risk of getting lower performance then using an athlon 64 system. at this moment, the only thing that the new intel socket has is its feature set, which just isnt enough to convince me to buy.

    if you can afford a p4 system with the s775, then you can afford an amd s939 system, which would be a better choice IMO.
  7. Nah, most 915 chipset boards will likely use DDR SDRAM, not DDR2.

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  8. yeah that i could see happening, but will the 915 support any boards with agp wihtout a performance penalty?
  9. I don't think it's possible

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  10. Duh, now let me see, do I want a 3.0 , or an A64 3200+. Gee wiz, what do you think is better. Maybe I should get the 3.0 so when Intel gets 64 bit, I can upgrade. Since the Intel chip is so much slower, I will have to upgrade soon anyhow.
    It's not rocket science. The A64 3200+ outperforms the 530.
    The Amd chip is win64 ready.
  11. The way I see it, when you will want to upgrade 1-2years from now, youll probly want to upgrade your MOBO as well...Even if your CPU/Mobo are s775, if you buy a new 1066FSB cpu from intel chances are your MB wont support it.
    So i dont really consider the socket a real issue.
    Now if you look at the CPU, in the ever changing PC world, it is really important IMO that you check what your cpu can give you today. Today the AMD is the clear winner. Its a good idea to keep an eye on tommorow tough and with 64 extensions, the AMD is probbly the winner in the long term.

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  12. Thank you all for the input, i am thinking AMD is the best route now too.
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