New CPU won't run at proper speed

I built my new rig last night, with the 3200+ CPU and an Asus A7V600-X board. However, the only way i can properly run the computer is VASTLY underclocked, at 1.1mhz ish. If I try to set the speeds in the BIOS to the proper settings (2.2 ghz, 200x11) it hangs immediatly on boot, and if I
set the speed lower it hangs during windows startup (1.4ghz). I have kingston pc3200 ram (which gave me trouble until I updated the BIOS, but it works fine now) I called AMD and they said I can send in the CPU and
get it tested, but I'm not so sure i'm ready for that. I've read about similar issues with this motherboard, since it doesn't seem to autodetect the CPU. WindowsXP and the ASUS probe list the CPU as an Athlon 2500,
which is way off, but they still have the speed at 1.1ghz, which isn't even the proper speed for a 2500, let alone my 3200. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My ASUS probe lists the temp right around 45C by the way, I replaced the stock fan with a big thermaltake one that works at 5000RPMs, so I don't think the problem is simple overheating. But I could be wrong.
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  1. It could be a memory or power, but I have little faith in that board.

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  2. I have seen a lot of hsf units installed backwards, or off cenrered, so that the lip rides on the chip' but not good contact. Check.
  3. I will quadruple check the hsf, but i've already installed it twice and had my most computer savy friend install it a third time, so i think its ok. Temp readings are around 45C and solid.
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