Where to sell FX-53 for $600?

I have a brand new AMD FX-53 processor, unopened, that was won at the E3 American Army tournament. Its the socket 940 one.

Where would be a good place to sell this? Is $600 a reasonable price? If you were to buy it, what price would entice you (this one's pretty good I think)? Also if you offer me something very nice (like an inflatable starship enterprise) I might consider selling it to you ;)
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  1. Wow! It's already obsolete! The big push now is for socket 939 motherboards with dual-channel. The FX-53 is really just a re-badged Opteron server chip. I suppose I could scrape up $200.00 for it while the socket 940 boards are still in production!

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  2. 200 wouldn't buy you half of the lowest end 939, the 3500+, which gets blown away by the 940 FX-53.
  3. [sarcasm]Oh, will socket 940 boards, and opteron chips be going out of production.[/sarcasm]
  4. LOL! You'll have to E-Bay it Josh. You shouldn't have much trouble. It might go for more than you think.

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  5. Newegg wants $811. for that chip, he should be able to get close. Set the minimum at $700+.
  6. That's the one someone mentioned in a post they were thinking of buying for $500, right? I believe they said it had no warranty. Why is that? Is it oem or something? It seemed like people pretty much talked him out of it. I think 940 boards are pretty high priced and then there is the ecc ram requirement issue. The chip would be a great deal at 3500+ prices I guess but the platform is very costly from what I understand. I am not even sure how one would go about "shopping" for a 940 board. I imagine there must be some reviews out there somewhere but since 940 is a server platform I haven't really looked for em.

    Seems like one heck of a nice prize though. :smile:
  7. Have you tried Ebay?
  8. I think I'll try Ebay. That sounds like the best bet. I just wondered if there was a popular commerce bulletin board where I could sell it without ebay's taxing on my profit. However, most ebayers will pay more than smart buggers like us on these BB's :).
  9. Does anybody check prices on Ebay's storefront? I just noticed it, and that looks like a nice place to sell something, but I want ot make sure people actually go there (whereas until today I always just checked the ebay auctions) to buy stuff.

    Leave me feedback for whether or not you shop there at all.
  10. That's funny, I watched this auction on ebay, hell I actually bid on the damn thing and lo and behold I join this site and see this thread.... who knew???!!!!

    By the way I didn't win it and am going with a 939 FX53 instead. Cost me about 300 more but I saved on the RAM.

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  11. how much did it end up going for? Just curious. I just spent $280 on a new cpu and that is about $180 more than I would have thought I would ever pay for a cpu.

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  12. Yea, but two months from now somebody will ask you where they can get one and you'll have to say, "Sorry dude, they are no longer available anywhere". :lol:

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