Audio Noob: Best Speakers for $250-300?

So I know very little about different speaker brands/models/stats and what not. I want to spend around $250-300 on a set of speakers mainly for music. Music is the top priority, with maybe some movies and gaming as well, but put the emphasis on MUSIC quality.

I have no idea where to start. What are the best speakers for $250-300? My room isn't that big if that matters, I don't have the exact dimensions but if it's critical I can get them. Do I need a subwoofer? Or do 2 speaker sets work? See I have no experience in this haha.

From doing what research I could (and again, I have no idea where to start) I've read that the Vanns Energy RC-10's are very nice. I also like how they are big and cool-looking...I honestly care about the "shock and awe" appearance :P.

So, any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Speakers are very subjective. The only way to choose is to audition speakers in your price range and go with the ones that sound best to you.
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    Those RC-10s are very good value and you are on the way to awesome SQ/$$ if you go that route - alternatively
    for more great advice
  3. Ok thank's for the advice. While I'm not as gnarly hardcore about getting the BEST BEST BEST like I am with my computer rigs, I'd still like to do a good job choosing some nice speakers.

    If I DID go with the RC-10's, would I need a subwoofer, or do they have one built in? Haha I'm such a noob on this part of Tom's :P.
  4. Yes and you'd be moving away from typical PC/Multimedia subs which sound so boomy and muddy that they ruin music listening IMO hehe If you need more low end, rather than skimp on a cheap non musical sub, you can always add a quality 8-10" active sub later down the road
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