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my pc was causing a lot of problems. i have a verizon wireless jetpack,with a netgear wireless adapter. I tried uninstalling netgear, then wanted to reinstall it. But I cant install it. It keeps saying no connectivity can b found. like there is a connection missing to the modem. A VW tech guuided me through the jetpack, everything was fine with that. What do I need to do?
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  1. So your using a 4G wireless router, for internet, and a netgear Usb wi-fi adapter in your pc or laptop.
    You need to check in what standard the version is broadcasting as a wireless signal.
    If the version is broadcasting on a N standard and the usb wireless adapter in the pc can only Handel a 54g wireless signal it will not pick up the Version router wireless signal.
    You will have to go in to the version router menu and change or lower the broad cast standard of the wi-fi signal down to 54g if you can.
  2. gotcha. I'll definitely give it a shot, thanks!
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