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I need to get a new laptop for work but I want it to be great for games as well. I've narrowed down my search to a few (mainly with ATI's 9600), have you any opinions which is the best (reliable, fast 3D, good battery life, not too heavy):
- Eurocom D800P or MonteCarlo
- Dell D800
- Voodoo Envy M460
- Toshiba Satellite 5200-902
Anyone tried these or has benchmark reviews?
Have you got any other suggestions?...
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  1. I got a D800. It's great, well-built, low cost, highest 3DMark2001SE score than any other notebook (12000 overclocked, 11000 default), great for games (GTA VC at 1920x1200 res), fast processor (SETI in 2hrs, encodes half res. PAL-tv to divx at 80fps), doesn't get hot at all, and still manages to give you 4.5hrs of battery life, 5 or more if you push it. I love it.

    I would steer you away from Eurocom (/Sager/Clevo), not very nicely built notebooks: big, slow, heavy, hot, not that high performance.

    Don't know about the Voodoo, but the Tosh is also a great notebook from what I've heard, just a bit dissappointing in 3D, and perhaps a bit too big.


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