which camera

hp 935 or the olympus D580

they are the same price, I've heard bad things about some of the earlier hp model digital cameras and that hp had made some nice improvements with this model.

any info would be appreciated
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  1. I have had the HP935 for about four months. Last week I picked up the docking station that goes with it. I have had no problems with it. Takes great pictures. Really easy to use.
    Only complaints: Uses a lot of batteries (that's one of the reasons I bought the docking station, to use rechargable batteries). My other complaint, it seems a little bulky making it look like an older style fixed focus 35mm camera.

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  2. The only HP camera I really liked was the 618, but mine grew legs and walked away :(. Never used an Olympus.

    The Canon A75 is a great camera for the price (I'd say best bang for your buck around) - If you're looking for larger images the Canon A80 is also a good camera. The Canon S1 IS is more or less an A75 with a 38-380mm (35mm equivalant) image stabilized lens on it which can be handy if you're looking for more zoom.

    BTW: the S1 IS doesn't have an auto-focus assist lamp on it, but both the A75 and A80 do. If you're thinking of taking pics in low light conditions I'd make sure the camera you pick has one.

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