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Hi everyone,

From Google I found 3 billions of pages about how to install fonts, but none about how to desinstall all fonts. I wish to come back to the fonts installed by default in Windows 7.

How to do that ?
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  1. Have you tried this:

    Start -> Type "Fonts" into the Search box and hit <Enter>

    Right-Click on a font and select "Delete".

    You can also right-click and select "Hide" to simply prevent the font from being shown.
  2. Uh.. Sure I can do that but I won't since it would take hours to delete all new fonts without deleting the default fonts (I don't even know what they are except a few ones) !
  3. What exactly are you trying to do? Are you just annoyed at having to sift through all the font choices in, say, Word? You could always just "hide" all the fonts (Ctrl-A to select them all, then right-click and choose "Hide") and then "unhide" just the few that you regularly use.
  4. I just want to come back to the situation before I installed those fonts. But I guess there is no way to do that except reinstalling Windows lol
  5. Yes, it's basically like installing programs. There's no magic button you can press that deinstalls everything but the core Windows-supplied programs, you have to remove them one by one.
  6. here is the easiest fix....

    (a) - back up your entire font collection in case you need the fonts later or plan to install a font manager to help you navigate the maze of the billions of fonts at your key tips...

    (b) - go into your font folder and select "details" as the viewing mode...

    (c) - right click on the details column bar and add "date modified" to the details viewable if it's not already there and sort by "date modified" and delete all the fonts added after the day windows was installed on your system.... or all fonts added on the dreadful day that you decided to explore the cluttered world of fonts...

    hope this helps
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