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Building a $2000.00 gaming rig

Hi im building a nice gaming rig and last year i bought this really nice sony 240hz bravia 40 inch lcd hd tv top of the line 1inch thin profile all the toys internet all connections pc input controls to shut down when pc is inactive.. what i want to know is what kind of gaming experience and picture quality will i receive with this set up im basically spending all the money on the pc and not peripherals... also can i 3d game with this setup..

regards tc
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    To get 3D, you'll need a 3D-ready TV and active 3D glasses. Even though your television says it's 240Hz refresh rate (I think I have that same one), that's only it's output speed. The input speed is 60Hz. The output speed is after image enhancements and processing to reduce / eliminate blurring.

    It will be cool to game on the larger 40-inch screen, though 1080p on 40-inches is the same resolution as 1080p on a 23".
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