2 Windows 7 on 2 HDDs inside computer. How to differentiate?

Hi all

So what happened was, I bought a new comp. installed Windows 7 on the HDD inside and everything was fine.

Then, I added another HDD, but I notice it operates quiter, so I decide to make that new HDD my main drive.

So I chuck in the Windows 7 disc, get my BIOS to boot from it, install Windows 7 on the new HDD, while leaving everything on the hold HDD completely intact but from now, it will be used as a secondary storage drive.

I go into BIOS, and tell it to boot from the NEW HDD from now on.

However, it takes me to that "Windows Boot Manager select default operating system" screen you all know so well.

I try this http://windows.microsoft.com/is-IS/windows-vista/Change-the-default-operating-system-for-startup-multiboot

However, under the Default Operating System tab, there are two Windows 7, and it doesn't differentiate which one is on the old HDD and which one is on the new HDD.

I actually want to keep the old copy there just in case I ever need to boot from it, so do you guys know what I can do to make sure Windows 7 always boots from the New HDD?

I hope that made sense.

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  1. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/What-happened-to-the-boot-ini-file

    Since this is a clean setup, I suggest you just take out the old drive, leave the new one in and move it to the first SATA port. Re-install Windows on that. You will have one boot option.
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