Laptop battery voltage replacemant qustion

I'm attempting to purchase a second battery for my Asus A52jr-x1 laptop. I had no luck finding a replacement battery until I located one at a shaddy company.

I ordered that battery from the shady company using their battery finder tool. That tool indicated that I could get a 8 cell battery which I ordered.
The battery arrived.
I compared the old 6 cell battery to the new;
Old--- 10.8v & 4400mAh
New-- 14.4v & 4400mAh

I'm concerned about the difference in voltage. Obviously I don't want to damage my laptop. What kind of problems if any can I expect from the 14 v battery?

eta link to shady company
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  1. Well, I took the leap & tried the battery. It worked. It came with 40% charge, I drained it, applied a full charge, drained it again. No heating issues.
    This 8 cell charged to approx 4 hours, the 6 cell charged to 3 hr.
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