Amplifier and sound card for speakers to computer?

So I've decided to purchase the Energy RC-10 speakers to play music through my computer. However, it has come to my attention that I might need other things in order to make this work. I'm new to such speakers so I know little about this.

1) Do I need an amplifier to give power to the speakers? How much do these cost, and are some "better" than others?

2) Will I need an adapter to plug these into my computer?

3) Will the audio quality of these speakers be decreased if I do not buy a high-end sound card, or is the one on my motherboard fine (it's a pretty nice motherboard already, check the sig)?

Thanks to any help!
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  1. 1. Yes you need an amplifier or receiver and speaker wire - for nearfield/PC Audio many have now been exposed to Tripath amps such that even at low price points they need not resort to poorly built/muddy sounding PC/Multimedia speakers ^^

    2 + 3. The most basic stereo amps you just feed say 3.5mm-to-RCA cable from onboard sound PC to amp. One could also go without a soundcard, pass digital audio out in form of coaxial/optical from PC to an external DAC in a receiver. Eitherway you are on the right track in buying half decent speakers 1st, rather than assuming a pricey soundcard would magically take awful speakers to another level
  2. What amplifier/receiver would you suggest if I don't want to spend too much on it?

    EDIT: And will work with the Energy RC-10's.
  3. For PC Audio you dun need to go for pricey/overkill powerful/beefy amps so the kind of amp/receiver then depends if u want a compact form factor or the versatility of more inputs/tuner/etc
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