Why crt is said to be of high resolution

why crt is said to be of high resolution
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  1. well both LCD and CRT technologies can be "high resolution"

    the main difference is that if you have a 20" LCD @ 1920x1080 you're pretty much stuck with this static resolution, static pixel size, etcetera.

    on CRT type monitors the resolution is not static. you can scale it as small as 800x600 (or smaller) and as large as 1600x1200 (or larger) and have it still fit to the screen. with higher resolutions on the same size monitor, you could get a sharper image.

    however, you would need rather good eyes to be bothered by the difference. also, CRT monitors have a very visable flicker which can really be bothersome to your eyes.

    also: dont let this fool you into thinking that CRT technology is superior to LCD technology as far as maximum resolution is concerned. i rememer at least 5 years ago there was a 20" LCD which boasted a 10,000 x 10,000 resolution with details that could be seen with a magnifying glass. such technology is out there, it is just not implemented because there isn't a market for it yet. current "consumer" LCD resolutions are good enough for most people. though, i'd like televisions and larger monitors to have a greater resolution.
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