Usb hub connection?

I've got an old laptop with usb 1.1 capability.
I added a 2-port usb 2.0 pcmcia card,
which works fine for flash drives and my
mp3 player, but now i need to add
an AC powered hub to run a dvd burner
(asus sdrw-08d1s-u). xp recognizes it
sometimes, usually w/o a disc inserted.
i figure the old laptop just can't power it.

does it matter if i connect the hub to one of the 2.0
ports on the pcmcia card or to one of the
1.1 ports on the laptop? would their be
a speed or reliability difference?

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  1. Any USB device will only run as fast as the slowest usb input. you can attatch a usb2 device to usb2 or usb1. If you attach a usb2 device to a usb1 port it it will only run at usb1 speed. When you say Ac powered hub do you mean a powered USB hub? It would be better if you use a powered usb hub, and attatch to usb2 for better speed and reliability.(the powered hub is usually usb2).
  2. Thanks very much for your reply. I meant an ac powered usb hub.

    I connected the ac powered usb hub it to the usb2 pcmcia card and then plugged the dvd burner into the hub and the burner worked flawlessly at 24x.

    I appreciate your explanation.
  3. Thanks. Glad your up and running
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