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A few weeks ago I bought a Razer Megalodon headset. I'm very happy with the quality of the headset itself but I have a major problem with the mic. When I use the mic there is a really annoying hissing noise that is always constant. Razer put out a blog post about this problem offering solutions but none of them fully got rid of the hissing noise. I only thing that I can do is turn own the mic volume but this is a problem for me since I make videos gaming videos for Youtube and if the game does not have an option to turn down audio/ does not work (Anna) then I'm screwed. I was wondering if anyone on here found some kind of a fix or knew of a fix because I've already done everything Razer told me to do. When I sent them an email they told me I could return it, but I really dont wont to since the shipping cost 15 dollars. That would not be worth it if ALL of the mics were bugged. Thank you
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  1. Sorry, im not sure. But just letting you know that im having the exact problem with my Turtlebeach Z6A's the hissing/static noise is also very annoying :/ hope there's a fix somewhere. Just wanted to let you know, sorry for not giving a proper answer/solution.
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