How is acer 5740g with ati 5650

hi guys i want to buy a new laptop specially for gaming.i choose acer aspire 5740g laptop with ati 5650 graphic.this laptop come in my budget is 50000rs in india.please tell me ati 5650 is good or nvidia 330m which comes with sony laptop but they are little bit expensive.please help me to buy a new laptop guys i eagerly waiting for your suggestion.
thanks in advance.
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  1. hey is there no one who will help me.please guys
  2. Hey here is a link which shows the benifits of the 5650 vs 330m (Note 2nd paragraph). It has full direct 11 support, is a better performer and probably uses less power and produces less heat. Imo... Ati has alwayse had the upper hand in these areas so i would definatly go with the ATI.

    Gaming around the 720p resolution with med/high settings should be fine for most games (Bar crysis / GTA4). Make sure its equipped with GDDR3 Before making the purchase and remember you can overclock if you need to squeeze out some extra performance. Hope this helps!
  3. thanks for reply but acer gives a DDR3 only instead of it ok with DDR3?please reply. thanks in advance.
  4. Hi sorry for late reply, first chance to get online today!

    Simple short answer, yes this will be fine :)

    More detailed answer,
    The systems memory is DDR3 (perfect), And the Graphics memory will be DDR3/GDDR3 So this will perform fine! (If it 's the ddr3 varient, it will give maybee 2-5% less performance, nothing to worry about!)

    Only week-point on this laptop is the Battery, but this is fine if you plug it in during intensive use. (you can alwayse buy another battery later on for backup power)

    Treat the battery well by giving it a full charge ONLY when its empty! Also they dont like getting HOT... Something to keep in mind! (Use on a table when possible, or consider buy a quality cool-pad for when your gaming)

    Try unplugging the battery when it's full and not needed. (on the mains adaptor)
    I have kept my Dell Inspiron 8600's battery good as new since 2004 using these methods, still lasts 2-3 hrs :)

    Feel free to ask anymore questions i will keep an eye on this thread.
  5. thaks for reply.when battery will charge fully that time i have to remove battery and plug it with adapter right?is this is safe method because i have acer 5053nwxmi laptop and now my laptop battery gives me only 1/2hrs backup.i do not know abt this method. and yes its gives only DDR3 graphics memory.may i know that how many years this laptop graphic will play game.because now a days very high requirement graphic card game are launching.
  6. and what abt battery life? bcoz i had acer aspire 5053 laptop from past 2 years and now its battery gives me only 1/2hrs backup and main problem with acer dvd writer.from past 2years i only write 2-3 dvd and now that dvd writer is not able to write dvd.acer gives pioneer dvd writer is it good company?and how to increase dvd writer life also.please help me guys.within 2-3days i am going to buy a new laptop.and most important how is acer 5740dg laptop its comes with 3d screen and 640gb hdd rest is the same with 5740g.suggest me as soon as possible.thanks in advance.
  7. hey no one is here to help me plz guys reply me as soon as possible.
  8. plz help me guys.
  9. hey . if you get the 5740 DG 3d laptop in india . plz reply as to the price and where you bought it from. i am eagerly awiting it but dont think they are launching it in India due to the supposedly failure of 5738dg which was lowly speced.
    Plz let me know price and availability anyone in India .
  10. yeah u r right.5740DG laptop is not available in india.i search very much but i didn't get this laptop.but instead of DG G is also very good the end ur choice is important.
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