What is the easiest way to connect internet radio to my home audio?

I know there is computer hardware out there for making a home entertainment system, but I'm talking about buying a standard home audio receiver with Bluetooth or whatever and just sending the signal from my desktop to the receiver. Are there standard receivers like that yet that won't cost a fortune?
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  1. Option 1 is the use of toslink or RCA cable if your computer have the SPDIF output.

    Option 2 is the use of 3.5 mm TRS plug/s from computer to RCA jack/s on the receiver.

    Option 3 is the use of HDMI with video card such as link below. Unless your Desktop/Laptop already have this port.

  2. Many surround sound receivers have built in internet radio capabilities so you only need to get them on your network. If you already have a receiver you can add a Sonos Connect to it and a Sonos bridge at the router and you will be able to access internet radio, music services, and all your music files on the PC or Mac. If you have speakers but no receiver they make the Sonos ConnectAmp that has a 60 watt stereo amp built in. You control it from any computer, iphone, itouch, ipad, android phone or tablet.
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