Windows 7 sound not working with A8NVM mother board

I just installed win 7 on my system and sound is not working .
Motherboard A8NVM - Asus
4.1 creative inspire sound
sound driver sound max
Can some plz help to fix thi - i try to install win xp drive its not working
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  1. Your MB is a discontinued AMD Socket 939 Windows XP era, log ago out of warranty unit which ASUS has stopped updating drivers for for years. There would be no Windows 7 audio driver for the Soundmax onboard chip available from ASUS. I would buy a cheap windows 7 capable aftermarket soundcard. Creative and ASUS are two companies that offer sound cards which are Windows 7 compatible.
  2. Does Windows Update not supply it, my old P4 P4C-800 mobo with Soundmax is supported this way. if not, take a look in here ..
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