Worried about P4 desktop CPU in notebook

I ordered a R3000T compaq that has a 3.0GHz w/HT desktop CPU at the time it never occured to me that they would install a desktop CPU in a laptop so I didn't know about it till after I ordered. I really concerned that it might be too hot for me to use on my lap in class and I really want a computer that will go 2.5-3 hours on the battery. I did get the larger 12 cell battery though. Dose anyone have a simlar system that could tell me how there's is? I know this computer will be powerful I just want it to not burn me and have no battery life in school.
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  1. if battery life was a concern u should've got a pentium m
  2. its not a choice on this model, they have a 2.8,3.0,3.2, and 3.4 all desktop all w/HT except the 2.8
  3. If you need battery life, cut on CPU power and get a Pentium M based notebook.

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