Best 'First' Laptop for Software Graphics, Speed?

I plan to buy a Sony Vaio as my daughter's first laptop. She liked one in store with Core i3, 500gb hardrive, & 256 mb dedicated video memory (2007 total), plus GForce 310m graphics. She mostly surfs and plays Sims 3. I'm considering a slightly cheapter version (both have 4GB memory!!) with 325 drive and 1726 video (no dedicated). Can this do the job? Its much more than I have now!
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  1. What is "1726 video"?
    Did you get the model number of the Vaio?
  2. Are these the models by chance?
    Sony CW series Core i3-330M processor & GeForce 310M $800 @ BestBuy

    Sony E series Core i3-330M processor & Intel Graphics HD $750 @ BestBuy
  3. GeForce 310M and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD will both run Sims3 - just not on high graphics settings.
    Geforce 310M is considerably more powerful than the Intel GMA HD. If Sims3 performance is important to you it might be worth the extra $50.

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